It is difficult for me to answer what football means to me without seeming like a mere fan. My not so passionate and rational character may not help. That is why it is better to explain how far I have been able to go in order to work with this sport.

football coach

Alfonso Zazo

football coach

Graduated in Sciences of Physical activities and sports and holds 2 Máster degrees from the university of Castilla La Mancha. One in football physical training and another one in Prevention and adaptation of injuries. I´m also a football national trainer level 3 (UEFA PRO) and graduated in Business and management administration.

 Ok, I know… lots of degrees so far!

Easy… my passionate feelings will show now. I did both  the master degrees and the bachelor in only 3 years. You may wonder… Why the hurry? I know, but the desire to devote yourself to your passion can move mountains and you are capable of having days that last more than 24 hours at the expense of sleep, time with family and friends and free time.

Doing my best has always been my main goal. I was training football local teams while spending a week at a first division football team tactical analysis department. At the same time I was running my own personal training business. A big challenge which I achieved within 3 years.

alfonso zazo preparador fisico futbol

During that time I trained, learnt, listened and observed. Even though 2020 and 2021 were not so good for getting more practical experience, my own experience has allowed me to work as a trainer and physical trainer at the same time, in all the categories of youth teams and local ones.

I´ve always liked to make the most out of the football players by transmitting my devotion to this sport. I go beyond mere sport, I teach the concepts from a theoretical base to a practical one on a strategic, tactical and technical level, trying to understand their own mindset as well as the opponent’s one at a specific moment.

I see this sport as a science and I cannot help enjoying it from different perspectives, taking rational decisions and risking others which are more intuitive or visceral. To sum up, competing at every level and, at the same time, transmitting my knowledge to the players as professional football coach.

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